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SE-Optimizz is a 5 star Wix Studio Legend partner with more than 10 years of experience in the platform. We've helped more than 2.500 clients from 27 countries, and you could be the next one.


What our clients are saying about SE-Optimizz?

Dehn Consulting

Wix Marketplace

Barry was super helpful and was able to help me with my problem right away. Within a minute the problem was fixed. He was very friendly and sympathetic.

Nele Colle

Super glad I contacted Barry. I don't just feel like one of the many customers, but time is really taken, listened and thought along with you. I feel like I'm not alone anymore. Thank you Barry, Desislava and co!

Orme Design
Wix Marketplace

Highly motivated professional. Is an SEO wizard, makes my website on WIX and extra cost effictive tool. Explains everything, so you can understand it (well most of it). Will see in a couple of month if it has the right effect, SEO takes time.

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