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The SEO Dashboard from Wix provides quick and easy access to Google Search Console data.

The Google Search Console is a crucial tool for optimizing a website's search engine performance. With its insights, site owners can gain a better understanding of how their site is ranking on Google, identify which pages have been indexed and make informed decisions to drive online growth.

In response to this importance, Wix has integrated Search Console data into its new SEO Dashboard, making it the go-to destination for quick and concise performance summaries. The dashboard also serves as a starting point for accessing Wix's SEO tools and settings, as well as educational resources to deepen your SEO knowledge.

In this article, we will delve into the features of the Wix SEO Dashboard, including:

  • The various Search Console data points available within the dashboard

  • How the dashboard streamlines the SEO process

  • The educational resources provided within the dashboard to enhance your SEO expertise.

View Google Search Console Data within the Wix SEO Dashboard

Wix users who have linked their site to Google Search Console can now easily access Search Console performance data through the SEO Dashboard. To access the dashboard, navigate to Marketing & SEO > SEO in the left-hand navigation panel of the Wix dashboard.

The dashboard provides both a trend analysis of performance data and highlights important changes in performance. This enables site owners to stay up-to-date with their site's search engine performance and make informed decisions.

Overview of Site Performance in Google Search Console

The Wix SEO Dashboard opens with an overview of your site's overall performance in Google Search Console. This includes a graphical representation of the trends for both impressions (the number of times a URL from your site was displayed in Google search results) and clicks received by your site during the reporting period.

Site performance on google in your wix dashboard
In the Wix SEO Dashboard, performance data for impressions and clicks from Google Search Console is prominently displayed, with any changes in clicks and impressions highlighted in red boxes.

The screenshot above displays not only the raw data for clicks and impressions but also the percentage change for both metrics. The change represents the difference in clicks and impressions from the selected data period compared to the previous one.

The Wix SEO Dashboard allows you to view performance trends over a customizable time frame, ranging from the last 7, 30, or 90 days. If you need to view historical data or access the full set of Search Console performance data, you can simply follow the link provided under the SEO Dashboard's trend chart to access Google Search Console directly.

set your last results by time frame
View Google Search Console data for the past 7, 30, or 90 days through the Wix SEO Dashboard. To see more historical data and performance reports, simply click the "Go to Google Search Console" button.

Search Console insights

To assist in utilizing the performance data for site optimization, the Wix SEO Dashboard features a set of insights located below the trend analysis. These insights highlight the most significant changes in performance during the selected reporting period, providing a deeper understanding of the site's search engine performance.

SC performance date in WIX
The complete Google Search Console performance data available within the Wix SEO Dashboard.

These insights are organized into two categories: Pages and Queries.

Pages: The Pages insights provide information on which of your website's pages have undergone the most substantial changes in terms of impressions or clicks. You can sort the data to display pages that have experienced the largest period-over-period increase or decrease in either impressions or clicks.

This information helps you quickly identify which pages may require optimization and which pages are performing well, so you can replicate their success on other pages.

For instance, you can see the insights for clicks and impressions in the image below:

The SEO Dashboard provides insights on both pages and queries, allowing you to understand the most significant changes in terms of impressions or clicks. The page-level insights display which pages on your website have experienced the greatest increase or decrease in either impressions or clicks, giving you an idea of which pages may require attention or improvement.

On the other hand, the query-level insights reveal which search terms have seen the largest change in either clicks or impressions. This information can help you quickly identify pages that have suddenly underperformed on Google's search results or identify positive changes that led to increased clicks or visibility. For instance, if three of the queries with the largest decrease in impressions are all related to a specific topic, it could indicate that the site has lost relevance for that topic.

On the other hand, it's possible that Google may have introduced a change in its search results page (SERP) that affected the impressions. The information presented in the Search Console data through the SEO Dashboard can be a valuable resource in identifying potential issues and starting the problem-solving process.

Optimize your workflow with conveniently placed SEO tools and settings.

The new and improved SEO Dashboard brings all of Wix's SEO tools together in one central location, making it easier to access and use. Before, users had to navigate to a separate entry point to access the SEO Setup Checklist and connect to Search Console with one click. However, with the redesigned SEO Dashboard, users now have access to all of Wix's SEO tools, including the SEO Setup Checklist and direct Search Console connection, all in one convenient location.

Simplified access to crucial SEO information, resources, and education for optimized results.

The revamped Wix SEO Dashboard streamlines your search engine optimization process by bringing all of Wix's SEO tools together in one convenient location. In addition to consolidating all of the available tools, the Dashboard provides you with direct access to your Search Console data, offering valuable insights into your website's performance. Moreover, it gives you easy access to educational resources crafted by experts, helping you expand your SEO knowledge. With the SEO Dashboard, the Wix SEO experience has never been more comprehensive and integrated.


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