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Wix and Wix Studio: Surprisingly Good for SEO!

Updated: Mar 31

Many people think that Wix is not ideal for SEO. However, that is a misconception! Both Wix and Wix Studio offer various advantages that can make your website visible in search engines. In this blog post, we will discuss the SEO strengths of both platforms and the advantages over competitors.

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SEO benefits of Wix

Ease of use:

Wix is easy to use, even without technical knowledge. This makes it easy to optimize SEO aspects yourself.

Advanced SEO tools:

Wix offers advanced tools such as structured data, robots.txt, 301 redirects, and meta tags.

Mobile-friendly websites:

All Wix websites are responsive, which is crucial for SEO in 2024.

Free domain name:

With an annual subscription, you receive a free domain name, which makes it easy to get started.


Wix guarantees a secure hosting environment with SSL certificates, which is important for SEO ranking.

SEO benefits of Wix Studio:

Full code control:

Wix Studio gives you more control over the code, allowing you to perform in-depth SEO optimizations.

Custom dynamic pages:

Create unique pages for optimal targeting of keywords and long-tail search queries.

API integrations:

Connect powerful third-party SEO tools via APIs for advanced analysis and optimization.

JavaScript support:

Add dynamic elements that improve user experience and visibility.

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Wix versus competitors:


While WordPress offers more flexibility, it requires technical knowledge for SEO optimization. Wix is easier to use and offers built-in SEO tools.


Squarespace has less SEO functionality than Wix. Wix offers more flexibility and control over SEO-related aspects.


Webflow is similar to Wix Studio in terms of code control, but requires more technical skills. Wix Studio is easier to use and offers SEO support.


Wix and Wix Studio are excellent platforms for SEO. They offer user-friendly tools, advanced features, and benefits that can make your website visible in search engines. Choose Wix for an easy start or Wix Studio for more control and flexibility. In either case, you are assured of an SEO-optimized website.


  • Optimize titles, meta tags, and descriptions for relevant keywords.

  • Create valuable content that meets the needs of your target audience.

  • Build high-quality backlinks to your website.

  • Use Wix SEO Wiz for helpful tips and guidance.

"WIX websites work fine in search" - John Mueller CEO Goolge

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