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WIX SEO: Images are automatically added to your sitemap

Updated: Jun 10

With Wix, your website's discoverability is improved through automatic addition of images to your XML sitemap, which optimizes your site for visual search.

Adding images to Sitemap.xml

The structure of your site's sitemap

Each Wix website has a sitemap index, comprising a list of its individual sitemaps that contain information about specific groups of pages on the site, such as page URLs and the most recent update time for each page.

For instance, if your site includes Wix Stores, the sitemap index features a specific sitemap for Wix Stores that lists all of your product pages. Submitting the sitemap index to search engines aids in the detection and crawling of each individual sitemap, enabling the pages to appear in search results. The following is an illustration of a sitemap index."

Currently, Wix includes image information in the sitemaps for Wix Stores, Wix Events, and Wix Forum. Don't worry - we'll be adding image information for more sitemaps in the future.

Viewing your sitemaps

To access your sitemap index, simply add 'sitemap.xml' to the end of your domain name in your browser's address bar, such as If you want to view your other sitemaps, refer to the table in the 'types of sitemaps' section above, and add the appropriate URL path to the end of your domain name. For instance, to view the sitemap containing your Wix Stores product pages, type the following into the address bar:

Types of sitemaps that Wix supports

Each specific sitemap corresponds to a particular kind of page on your website, such as your Wix Stores product pages or Wix Blog post pages. Currently, Wix offers support for the following types of sitemaps:

Wix support the following sitemaps

Manually submitting your sitemap directly to search engines

Once you complete your Wix SEO Wiz checklist, Wix takes care of submitting your sitemap index to Google automatically. Whenever you make changes to your website, the sitemap will be updated accordingly, and there is no need to resubmit it to Google.

However, if you prefer to submit your sitemap manually or to other search engines, you can do so directly. Moreover, if you only make changes to specific pages such as a blog post, it's more accurate to submit the URL of that individual page to search engines instead of the entire sitemap.

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