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Let customers book your services online

Wix Bookings Overview

  • Provide personalized appointments, group sessions, classes, workshops, and intro calls.

  • Manage appointments, staff, and clients from any device using the calendar.

  • Allow secure online payment for services, memberships, and packages.

  • Make booking and paying for services convenient on the go with the Wix mobile app.

Experience the power of the top-rated scheduling platform trusted by over 11 million businesses worldwide for managing bookings, appointments, and calendar.

Effortlessly manage appointments and scheduling with Wix Bookings

  1. Booking services: 1-on-1 appointments, group sessions, intro calls, classes & more

  2. Customizable calendars: sync with staff, set working hours & policy, manage from dashboard

  3. Memberships & packages: free trials, loyalty plans, punch cards, and coupons

  4. Secure online/offline payments: Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe & more

  5. Client management: profiles, bookings, payments, notes & more

  6. SMS & email reminders: reduce no-shows

  7. Mobile app: book & pay on-the-go, chat & stay updated

  8. Performance tracking: analytics on finances, staff & client attendance

  9. Mobile management: calendar, bookings, clients & sales from the Wix Mobile App.

Maximize Your Business with Efficient Scheduling Tools.

Streamline Your Business with a Professional Online Scheduling Platform.

  • Showcase services with a custom site from 500+ templates

  • Display services, timetable, and pricing

  • Convert leads with live chat

  • Collect client info with custom booking forms

  • Manage waitlists and attendance

  • Send SMS and email reminders for bookings.

Maximize Your Earnings and Schedule with Online Service Sales. 

  • Appointments: Easy booking for private meetings

  • Classes: Sell recurring services

  • Courses: Offer complete sets of services

  • Online Availability: Reach clients anywhere

  • Bundle Services: Membership plans and packages.

Streamline Calendar Management with One Central Dashboard.

  • Set default business hours

  • Schedule based on real-time availability

  • Synchronize team calendars

  • Auto-adjust bookings for time zones

  • Establish booking rules and policies.

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Simplify Payments and Financial Management with One Integrated Dashboard.

  • Connect to your preferred payment provider

  • Accept payment in 40+ currencies

  • Send price quotes and invoices

  • Integrate with accounting tools like QuickBooks.

Boost Client Loyalty with Flexible Memberships & Packages. 

  • Accept recurring payments

  • Offer free trials

  • Provide exclusive services

  • Sell members-only content

  • Provide coupons and discounts.

Efficiently Manage Staff with Customizable Roles and Permissions. 

  • Set roles and permissions

  • Add staff hours

  • Assign sessions and classes

  • Synchronize team calendars

  • Monitor staff performance.

Build Strong Client Relationships with Streamlined Management. 

  • Acquire new clients and contacts

  • Create comprehensive member profiles

  • Reduce no-shows with SMS and email reminders

  • Directly communicate with members

  • Send updates to entire class

Improve Your Business with Advanced Analytics: Monitor the success of your business by analyzing key metrics such as client attendance, top services, staff performance, and website traffic. Stay informed to make data-driven decisions and continue growing your business.

  • Track your client attendance

  • identify your most successful services

  • analyze your business finances.

  • Monitor the sources of your website traffic and differentiate between new and repeat clients.

Get the Wix Mobile App for Efficient Scheduling

Stay connected and manage your business and client relationships on-the-go with the Wix owner and member apps.

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Streamline your business operations with a comprehensive software solution.


  • Keep track of appointments

  • manage staff schedules

  • handle bookings and payments with ease.

  • Stay connected to clients with check-ins and communication

  • access detailed member profiles

  • monitor your business performance with analytics.

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Client Scheduling Solution:

  • Easily book services on-the-go

  • Stay informed with waitlist notifications

  • Manage personal details with ease

  • Communicate with fellow clients

  • Shop exclusive products and merchandise

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