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Wix Events & Tickets Overview

Maximize your event management with Wix Events and Tickets.

  • Host and Showcase Your Events: Easily create and showcase your events online.

  • Sell Tickets & Collect RSVPs: Sell tickets, set prices, and track RSVPs for your events.

  • Secure Payment Options: Choose from a variety of payment providers, including Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe and more.

  • Manage Events On-the-Go: Use the Wix mobile app to manage your events and check in guests.

  • Promote and Grow Your Community: Offer coupons, share your events on social media, and network with guests.

  • Track Sales and Insights: Export ticket orders and guest lists for analysis and insights.

  • Suitable for meetups, concerts, sports events, parties, weddings, and more. Note: There is a 2.5% service fee and payment processing fee (varies by payment provider) for online ticket sales.

Wix Events: Creating Tickets

Create multiple ticket options for your event, such as Orchestra and Balcony, and set a price for each. Allow attendees to choose their preferred tickets during registration.


Guests receive a confirmation email that includes a PDF of their ticket.

Step 1 | Create an event

Before you can create tickets, you must create an event and save it either as a draft or a published event. 

Step 2 | Create one or more ticket types

When setting up a ticket type, you have the following pricing choices:

  • Fixed: You specify the ticket cost.

  • Variation: You establish a ticket category (e.g. balcony seats) and sell it at varying prices (e.g. adult, student, senior).

  • Pay-as-you-wish: The attendee determines the amount they wish to pay, with the option to set a minimum price.

  • Complimentary: Your tickets are offered without charge.

To create an event ticket:

  • Go to Events in your site's dashboard.

  • Select the relevant event.

  • Click the Tickets tab.

  • Click Create Tickets.

  • Enter the ticket name (e.g. Regular Admission).

  • (Optional) Enter a ticket description (e.g. Ticket gives access to balcony seating).

  • Set the price of this ticket:

    • Fixed price: You choose how much this type of ticket costs.

      •  Enter the ticket price.

      • Select a currency from the Currency drop-down.

    • Price options: Create a ticket sold at different prices (e.g. General Admission ticket with regular and student prices).

      • Enter the Option name (e.g. Adult).

      • Enter the Price.

      • Click +Add Price Option to create additional price options (e.g. Student). 

    • Pay what you want: The guest chooses how much they pay.

      • (Optional) Add a minimum price:

        • Click the Set the minimum price guests must pay for a ticket toggle to enable it.

        • Enter the minimum price.

        • Select a currency from the Currency drop-down.

    • Free: Guests can book tickets for free.

  • Set a limit to how many of this type of tickets you sell:

    • Select Limit number of tickets available,

    •  Enter the maximum number. 

  • Select who pays the Wix service fee (not relevant for free tickets):

    • Pass fee on to buyer: The 2.5 % fee is added to the ticket price.

      For example, if you set the ticket price to $100, buyers pay $102.5 and you receive $100.

    • Absorb fee: The 2.5 % fee is included in the ticket price.

      For example, if you set the ticket price to $100, buyers pay $100 and you receive $97.5 

  • (Optional) Edit the default ticket policy.

    Note: The policy appears on the PDF ticket.

  • (Optional) Set date and time ticket become available for purchase:

    • Click the Set ticket sale period toggle to enable it.

    • Enter a start date and time.

    • Enter an end date and time. 

    • (Optional) Select the Hide tickets from the event details page when they are not on sale checkbox. 

  • Click Save. 

Step 3 | Customize your event's ticket settings

Event-wide Ticket Configuration: All tickets generated for the same event will be subject to the same settings. You can select a preferred currency and define tax collection methods. Furthermore, you can restrict the quantity of tickets a guest can buy per transaction.

To customize ticket settings in WIX events and Tickets:

  1. Click Edit next to Ticket Settings.2

  2. Select a currency. Note: Make sure your payment provider works with your selected currency.

  3. (Optional) Collect tax on ticket sales: 

a. Click the Tax toggle to enable it.

b. Enter the tax name (e.g. Sales Tax).
Note: The tax name appears at checkout.

c. Enter the tax rate (e.g. 10%).

d.Select how you want to add the tax:

  • Add tax to the total sale at checkout: The tax is added on top of the ticket price during checkout.

  • Include tax in the ticket price: Tax is included in the ticket price. The breakdown is displayed during checkout.

e. (For Pay-what-you-want tickets): Click the Apply tax to pay what you want tickets toggle to add tax to those tickets. 

     4. Limit how many tickets guests can purchase in a single order: Enter the ticket limit (Maximum 50).

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